Ugandan Politician Admits She Repossessed Ambulance Donation After Losing Election

Kenyan politicians, notorious for their foreign travels in a bid to ‘benchmark’, may need to list Uganda as one of their upcoming official destinations. 

One Ugandan female politician has electrified the internet after she brazenly admitted to have repossessed an ambulance she had given her constituents with hopes that they would vote for her. 

Anite Evelyn, the current Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization in Uganda, shocked many after she admitted to have actually reclaimed a pre-election donation, insisting that the benefactors were a thankless lot. 

The whole revelation began after an X account going by the handle @AfricaFactsZone published the news of her post-election reaction.

“Ugandan politician, Evelyn Anite took back an ambulance she donated to her district, after losing an election in 2021,” they tweeted.

An ambulance that was donated by Evelyn Anite in 2021

Normally, this is something for any self-respecting public figure to be ashamed of, but not Anite Evelyn. She literally took up the matter herself and clarified her actions, remorselessly.

“@AfricaFactsZone, Thank you for bringing this up. First, it’s true I took back my ambulance & I have no apologies for that. Why did I do it? It’s because they didn’t vote for me. So did you expect me to walkaway with nothing? Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows!” she wrote in a tweet. 

After the shocking admittance, someone replied, “You are shameless. So it’s just in ur(sic) compound?” to which she retorted, “I am shameless to the extent that I sold it!”

Ugandan Politician, Evelyn Anite

Clearly nonplussed by the negativity from X users, Anite, who appeared to have quite the time on her hands, even corrected a fan who had moved in to defend her honor, claiming that she was not capable of such a thing.

“Fake news. My best friend @HonAniteEvelyn can not do that. She has done more for her region than most of politicians from that region…” someone pointed out.

Again, Anite struck back, remind all and sundry that she can not only be petty but can also find a way to rope in the scripture into the script.

“My dear, I actually did it, and I am very proud of my action! Once they said go away, I packed all my belongings and left them. Now I hear people crying as if I was the first one to call it quits. The Bible says the wage of sin is death!” she corrected the fan. 

To the poor people of Koboko Municipality, whatever you do, please do not fall ill. Suddenly.

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