Ugandan Police Release Arsenal Fans After Hours Of Detention

Police in Uganda have released seven out of the eight Arsenal club fans who had been arrested for allegedly holding illegal processions.

The fans who were nabbed in the streets of Jinja on Monday were released on Tuesday evening after hours of detention with all the charges being dropped.

One of them will, however, continue to remain in custody in what the police say was due to a previous robbery charge.

Ugandan Police

Their celebration came following the club’s 3-2 win against their rivals Manchester United during Sunday’s English premier league match.

According to the local media, Kiira region Police spokesperson James Mubi cautioned the fans before their unconditional release.

Defending the action taken by the police, Mubi told NTV Uganda,

“The focus is on the methodology they used, priority should be life first because what if a Manu fan or any person hits you and you get hurt or even die?”

The fans, donning the club’s jerseys, are said to have been travelling in a convoy of five vehicles on Monday morning when police intercepted them.

One of them was said to be carrying a trophy.

While the arrest attracted condemnation from across the globe, police say they were enforcing the Public Order Management Act that prohibits the holding of processions without permission from the authorities.

The fans’ leaders admitted they had broken the law by not seeking authorisation from the police.

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