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We have given up on African pastors.

It is no secret that many of them are fake. How members of their congregations believe the words they say and tolerate them is a wonder on its own. Despite the outrageous acts of these pastors and their flamboyant lives, people still flock to their churches on Sundays.

Uganda’s Pastor Elvis Mbonye is no different. The man who claims God appointed him as a prophet at a special sitting in heaven always prefers gold chairs, stylish white clothes, and fuel guzzlers.

Mbonye sits on one of his gold chairs.

Pastor Mbonye Uganda

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Pastor Mbonye prefers to be chauffeured around in a convoy and bodyguards. His entourage rivals that of major celebrities.

He has frequently reiterated;

“I have seen God and I will be answerable to Him. I do not get into people’s faces; they come to me…I’m not a pastor that I should frequently be with the sheep. As a prophet I decree the final thing.”

Mbonye also requires members of his congregation to bow and kiss his feet for blessings. The pastor insists that he prefers to live a life of opulence because that’s how heaven is.

 “Hell is stuffy, poor, sickly, and degrading. I have been to heaven and it is a glamorous place with streets of gold. All attributes about God are glamour and beauty and I’m of God, so I will unapologetically be always on the side of what is rich. I have heard shallow debates where politicians defend themselves for being in air-conditioned cars. You want me to be in a car where I sweat? ”

His church has a capacity of 5000 people. Politicians usually show up from time to time thus giving him more credibility. Damn!!!