Two Men Ambushed Drilling Each Other In Kakamega

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Police officers in Kakamega have arrested two men who were caught getting intimate at a house in Shikambi, in the outskirts of Kakamega town.

Area residents led by Nyumba Kumi elder Reuben Otiende said one of the men is suspected of defiling underage boys which forced them to lay a trap on him.

The trap snapped shut on Friday when neighbors stormed the suspect’s house and found him in the company of another man.

The neighbors then demanded to see the suspect’s phone from wherein they discovered he was having an intimate affair with his male visitor.

The two were saved from the wrath of the infuriated mob by police officers who swung to action, arresting the two.

Kakamega Police Station OCPD David Kabena said the two will be arraigned in court once probe into the matter is complete.

Source: Citizen Digital 

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