A TV Reporter Accidentally Showed Her Naked Husband In The Shower

A California TV reporter got into a hairy situation while filing a report from her bathroom – when her naked hubby was caught in the shower, according to a report.

Melinda Meza of Sacramento’s KCRA3 recorded herself cutting her bangs for a story about hairstylists during the coronavirus quarantine when her camera captured more than she bargained for, according to the Daily Mail.

Her husband, Mike de Lambert, apparently is seen in a reflection in the background, unaware that his privates were beamed over the airwaves.

“Omg please let that not be her husband,” one Twitter user posted.

Another joked: “Damn why she wanna work when she’s got all that at home?”

And yet another had other thoughts in mind.

“Hope her husband doesn’t see this!” the user said.


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