A Truck Driver Tested Positive For Covid-19 in Uganda, He Then Crossed To Kenya And Tested Negative

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Okay, this sounds crazy but it actually happened.

A Kenyan truck driver who allegedly tested positive for coronavirus in Uganda has well…tested negative in Kenya.

According to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), The trucker was tested at the Malaba border on May 3, and the Ugandan officials later called him and confirmed to him his positive status while he was in his way to Mombasa.

The Standard reports that he was later seized by county COVID -19 response team and isolated at the Voi County Referral Hospital.

A confirmatory was later taken by the health officials who also kicked off contact tracing. However, the test came back negative at the KEMRI offices in Kilifi.

Health Executive John Mwakima Mwangeka confirmed the driver’s test results and said more tests were being done at the Taita Taveta border to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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