Travelers Stranded Despite Lifting Of Travel Restrictions By Government

Many travelers remain stranded at various bus termini despite the lifting of travel restrictions in and out of the Kenyan counties yesterday on June 6, 2020.

According to reports, only just a few Public Service Vehicles have met all the regulatory measures demanded before operation by the Ministry of Health owing to the spread and impact of COVID-19.

This has consequently resulted to masses of Kenyans lacking a means of transportation to their various destinations across the republic.

Most SACCOS are yet to resume business after the indefinite halt that has seen the country’s economy at stake for well over three months.

26c6ff6b bus station
Matatus at a bus stage. Photo by Citizen Digital

Even though many Kenyans were excited about the reopening, the move has come with challenges.

As per news reports, many PSVs had stalled in the last three plus months and thus require servicing and maintenance in order to function accordingly.

Moreover, their operators (drivers and touts) haven’t yet been cleared of COVID-19 as per the government directives.

In Nakuru, a spokesperson of one of the PSV SACCOs reported to Citizen TV that they had received over 100 passengers by dawn this morning.

With no vehicles to board, some of the passengers resorted into seeking alternative means for their travel such as using personal vehicles of other travelers.

Travelers have been urged to be patient while the transportation service providers work on ways to restore the services and in respect to the safety measures in places.

The government ordered that all transportation to carry passengers adding up to not more than 60% the intended capacity.

Everyone is urged to strictly adhere to the social-distancing measures, hand-washing or had-sanitizing and wearing face masks at all times.





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