We Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine Unless Our Leaders Do So First – Ghanaian Traders

Some traders in Koforidua, in the New Juaben South Municipality, have stated that they would have no confidence in the covid-19 vaccines until Americans, Italians as well as Ghana’s President and parliamentarians have first gotten vaccinated and are safe.

Ghana received the first batch of 600,000 corona vaccines from the United Nations-backed COVAX initiative during the week.

An interview carried out by Ghanaweb  to collect views from some Ghanaian traders in Koforidua and to find out if they are ready for the covid-19 vaccination.

The traders expressed that they did not understand why the vaccine was not first sent to hard hit countries such as the USA, and Italy among others but to be brought to Ghana which has recorded cases far less than they.

Others also expressed fear that the vaccines are probably meant to kill Ghanaian citizens citing video examples, gone viral, of some persons in America who received doses recently and fell unconscious immediately.

“In this world, everyone likes good things. Sickness is painful. The virus is more seen abroad. That’s where it came from. If they show it on TV for us to see that those infected persons abroad get healed from the virus after taking the vaccine, I will also get vaccinated. Because I treasure my health. I will have no helper if I get bedridden with sickness.

“So they should let us see it on the internet and everywhere that those who brought the vaccines and having more cases have been vaccinated themselves, we will also get vaccinated. But if we do not see that and suddenly they bring us vaccines to take, then it will be unclear.

“If they show it on TV that countries abroad, Italy etc have been vaccinated and are safe, we will also go for it,” One of the traders said.

Another trader, named Afia Boadiwaa, also was of the view that the vaccine should rather be used on infected persons first and when nothing happens to them, she would then have the confidence to accept it.

“As for the vaccine, before God and man, I have heard a lot of people have been infected by the coronavirus and are under quarantine. We don’t know them.

“We will only believe in the vaccine and take it if only they have tried it on infected persons and they get well. We have heard there are infected persons under quarantine. Not true? So if they try the vaccine on such people and they get well, then we will take the shots,” she said.

As for Kofi Manu, a second hand clothing dealer, the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the parliamentarians and other members of the government should first be vaccinated and when nothing happens to them, he would have the confidence in the vaccine.

He said, “It should start from parliament. Most of our parliamentarians have been infected, so it should start from them. Just as we see elections and court proceedings on TV, their vaccination should be televised so that we can see and gain confidence in it. By that we will also get involved and be vaccinated.”
“I won’t take the vaccine! Because even these people (the whites) are not healed (from the virus yet). If they get healed, we will also get vaccinated. The vaccines are not good. If we are convinced that it is good, we will vaccinate,” Akua Serwaa also said.

To some of the traders no matter what is done to them, they would never go for the vaccines when it is rolled out.

“Me? Ah! Boss, even ordinary hospital injection I don’t take how much more corona vaccine. Health? Good health is in green leaves. Green leaves and coconut water. When you wake up every morning, just drink one coconut water and you are good to go. You don’t need a corona vaccine,” Kwabena Augustine, a coconut seller said.

Another coconut seller, Akwasi Obeng, made complete fun of the whole vaccine programme but indicated that eating good and fresh Ghanaian foods will always prevent coronavirus.

“If you like get some green leaves and green pepper grind, add some palm oil and get some fresh boiled cocoyam and eat with it. Do that and see if coronavirus infect you,” he challenged.

One other trader expressed he would not take the vaccine as manufactured by the whites saying Ghanaians downplayed indigenous medicines.

“That vaccine, I will not take it. Because our own citizens manufactured medicine to deal with the coronavirus but we did not support them. Yet you are trying to get us to accept a Whiteman’s manufactured medicine.

“So, it means you want me to die using this vaccine. If the President has gone for some foreign money and brought this on us, then he should take it back,” he said.

Source: Ghanaweb


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