World’s Top Hair Surgeon Warns Men, Too Much Masturbation Can Cause Hair Loss

A top hair transplant surgeon has warned that ‘too much’ masturbation could cause hair loss, but before you panic too much he did say that it would only really happen if you were going at it ‘non-stop’.

Dr Umear Ahmad, from award-winning hair transplant clinic Juvida, said in the past blokes have approached him asking if a bit of solo-love-making would result in their locks falling out.

Top Hair Surgeon Warns Men Too Much Masturbation Can Cause Hair Loss

In response, Dr Ahmad explained that although vitamin A, which is found in semen, is important in regards to hair loss, a guy would need to be ‘pretty much non-stop masturbating’ to see any noticeable difference. And if that sounds like you, then you may have a more pressing issue than your follicles.

He said:

“You’d have to be quite severely vitamin A deficient before you had a noticeable deterioration in your hair line.

“You’d have to be pretty much non-stop masturbating throughout the day before it had any sort of effect on your hair.

“Theoretically, if you masturbated enough, the answer is yes but actually on a practical level it’s not going to really have any real effect on hair loss.”

If you are concerned about your vitamin A levels, Dr Ahmad recommends switching to a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

He also explained that special supplements can be taken, but that these shouldn’t be necessary if you stick to the aforementioned healthy diet.

Dr Ahmad said:

“When it comes to hair there are a lot of vitamins that play a role – vitamin A is one of them and is found in semen.

“B vitamins which include biotin, vitamin A, D and E are some of the vitamins which can be beneficial in addition to various minerals including iron, zinc and selenium.

“Most of these things can be obtained from a balanced diet rich in fruit and veg.

“If people have good healthy diets they probably don’t have to do anything else.

“There are supplements that are specifically for hair and nails.

“If you have a nice healthy balanced diet you probably don’t need to go down that road but if you’re on takeaways twice a day then that might be something to consider.”

So there you go, it’s less about your erm… self-love and more about what you’re putting in your gob.


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