Thugs Stage Daring Sh1 Million Robbery At MP Candidate’s Home

A team of four gangsters is on the run after ambushing Rangwe MP candidate Omburo Odaje’s home over the weekend.

The gang struck the politician’s home in Rangwe, Homa Bay county at 9 pm after arriving in motorbikes.

At the time, there were more than 20 supporters who were holding a meeting at Odaje’s home.


Homa Bay County DCI officer Abed Kavoo told the media that the guests were being questioned about the incident as investigations continue.

According to credible reports, two of the thugs were stationed at the gate to alert their accomplices.

The other two raided the politicians home and ordered all present to lie down and ransacked the politician’s house.

Odaje’s wife and child were in the bedroom where the robbers demanded for money and threatened her with the gun.

She surrendered the Sh1 million which was in a bag before they also asked for her phone.

At the time, the politician was not at home and was only informed of the incident later.

“The lady’s phone that was stolen has been switched off. There were many people in that compound, hence we are still gathering information to enable us get crucial leads to help us apprehend those who committed the crime,” said the DCIO.

This comes just days after a petrol station attendant was murdered by criminals in Rangwe Constituency.

One of the thugs arrived at the fuel station posing as boda boda operator with his accomplice seated at the back.

As the attendant moved closer to serve them, he was hit by a metal bar and collapsed on the ground and died on the spot.

They robbed him of the money in his pocket and fled the scene.

The Rangwe DCIO said that police officers would investigate the incident and arrest the suspects.

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