Thugs Break Into Vihiga Church & Poop Inside Pastor’s Office

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Residents of Vihiga were left scratching their heads in dismay after unknown people broke into Mumbita Church of God Luanda, and relieved themselves inside the senior pastor’s office.

The incident has forced the umbrella body; Church of GOD in East Africa (Kenya) – to organise a cleansing ceremony slated for Tuesday, November 9 – in an attempt to wade off evil spirits and rededicate Mumbita to God.

According to the welfare director at the Church’s General assembly Wycliffe Ochieng, the thieves also made away with 40 litres of paint that had been stored inside the church.

Ochieng who also doubles up as Mumbita Church of God, Head of Development Department, said that the suspects must have broken into the church on Sunday night.

“Our church is well secured compared to others, yet we arrived in the morning only to find the doors wide open,” he said.

“When we went inside to investigate, we were shocked to find signs of forced entry; goods stolen and the senior Pastor’s office defiled. There were also two cigarettes and a tiny spotlight left lying on the floor,” added Ochieng.

Sources indicate that the incident at Mumbita Church is the fifth in a string of case reported in Vihiga – involving church burglary. In most of these cases, faeces have been deposited inside the church.

Just this year, three churches in Mwibona ward alone, including Wemilabi Church of God, have been broken into by criminals – and property stolen.

There was yet another incident in August where criminals broke into ACK St Mark, Emako parish, and stole property worth Ksh 150,000 – and like in the other cases – the criminals relieved themselves inside the church.

Joash Owila, the head of ACK St Mark, Emako parish, warned that the perpetrators against breaking into churches – noting that they were inviting God’s wrath on themselves. He also asked the suspects to repent.

Source: Citizen

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