Threads Loses Over 80 Percent Of It’s Daily Users

Recently launched  potential Twitter killer Threads, has seen the number of it’s daily active users drop drastically.

The time spent by users on the app has also tanked dramatically from opening the app 14 times a day and spending an average 19 minutes on it to a meagre 2.9 minutes per day with users opening it between two and three times.                                                                               

Threads had a  record breaking success after reaching 49 million user count within two days of it’s launch making it the fastest growing application in history but it’s hype has since simmered with only  around 8 million users still using the app.

Twitter Rival Threads
Twitter Rival Threads

While Threads  was meant to topple Twitter it lacks the wholesome experience of the now rebranded x company. According to the market research firm Sensor Tower,as first reported by CNN the daily active user on threads is down 82 % from when it launched in July 5.   

It’s decline in user engagement has been attributed to it’s inferior interface that lacked essential features like a functional search function  that is inherent in Twitter’s user experience. Meta’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has however  remained optimistic that it will weather this setback. The Threads team has announced that it is embarking on additional features to boost user experience and retention.

Since the launch of threads by Meta , Elon Musk  who relinquished his CEO position in twitter to Linda Yaccarino has threatened to file a law suit against threads. Musk accused Zuckerberg of hiring former twitter employees who disclosed trade secrets pertaining to Twitter to build the rival app.

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