This UDS Student Arrested For Stealing Four Motorbikes On Campus

A young and handsome gentleman has been arrested on the campus of the University of Development Studies in Tamale after being caught stealing.

The young guy allegedly stole four motorbikes but unfortunately for him, was arrested by police.

Reports say he stole motorbikes belonging to his fellow students during his crime spree. Using his handsome and innocent features as cover, he was able to execute his crimes.

UDS student

However, as the saying goes – ‘every day for thiefman, one day for master’. His day finally came during one of his attempted thefts.

Police were called to the UDS campus after he was busted and he was arrested. Video of him being whisked away by the police for his crimes has surfaced online.

Netizens have expressed shock over such a fine boy wasting his life on crime.


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