This Kasoa Man Is Being Praised For Using His Car To Block Two Nigerians Who Kidnapped 5-Year-Old Boy

A man believed to be in his early 30s became the hero of the day after he caused the arrest of two Nigerians who had kidnapped a five-year-old boy.

The five-year-old was rescued from his kidnappers by the efforts of the man whose identity is yet to be known.

Narrating the whole incident in the video below, the man mentioned that while driving around in Kasoa in the central region, he noticed a woman from afar signaling that her son had been kidnapped by some group of people.

His instinct caused him to use his car to block the vehicle that had the five-year-old boy tucked between his kidnappers.

Several attempts to cross them were proving somehow difficult so he got down from his car not looking at the danger those might pose and went straight to confront them about what the woman had been signaling.

On several occasions, the kidnappers who were identified as Nigerians and three in number denied until he forcefully opened their car door to find the poor five-year-old in the car.

kasoa kidnapping

He, therefore raised an alarm while the kidnappers begged for him to allow them to go scot-free.

Their constant effort to convince the man to let them go proved futile as they were apprehended by Police officers nearby who took the men in but one was quick to escape before the arrival of the Police.

The man in this regard has been hailed by locals for showing bravery and letting his instincts act on what was signaled by the worried woman whose son had been kidnapped.

Watch his full narration in the video below;


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