This Fraud Boy Brags On Video About Killing His Mother To Buy A Brand New Benz

An alleged sakawa or fraud boy has publicly confessed that he has killed his own mother to purchase a car!

According to him, he used her as a sacrifice, and the money he got was used for the brand new Benz.

‘I killed my mother to buy a car, if you like, you can also kill yours’ the young man boldly stated in the viral video

The video is apparently causing a stir on social media as fans expressed shock over his mad courage for publicly disclosing that he killed his own mother.

Some internet users claim that the young man is reacting sarcastically because he’s probably being accused of doing sakawa (undergoing rituals) for being able to buy himself the car. Some have also taken his words and are reacting accordingly. I mean the courage to be able to say you killed your mother is something else!.

Watch the video below;


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