This Afghan Mum Breastfeeds 20 Newborns Whose Mothers Were Slaughtered By Terrorists

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An Afghan mother has volunteered to breastfeed 20 new-born babies whose mothers were killed by terrorists in a hospital attack.

The woman identified as Feroza Younis Omar if feeding the children following the barbaric assault on a Kabul maternity unit where nurses, mothers, and two new-borns were slaughtered this week.

The attack happened on the Doctors Without Borders maternity unit in the Afghan capital, in which 24 people died.

A powerful photograph captures the woman, who has her own 14-month-old baby, breastfeeding another infant at the hospital which militants stormed earlier this week in an attack that shocked the world.

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Feroza Omar nurses a baby in hospital.

The woman, who works at the country’s Economic Ministry, said:

“All of us have been damaged by criminals who are destroying humanity in Afghanistan. I am one of those.”

Three gunmen dressed as police officers stormed the maternity hospital in the Afghan capital on Tuesday morning and threw grenades before opening fire on hospital workers, mothers and new-born babies.

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