This 4-Year-Old Dies After Grandma Gave Her A Bottle Of WHISKEY To Drink While Mom Watched

A 4-year-old child in Louisiana, USA died on Thursday after her grandmother allegedly forced her to finish off a bottle of whiskey after believing the child could have taken a sip.

The Baton Rouge Police said the mother of China Record, 4, watched her drink the over half-full bottle of whiskey, according to Fox affiliate WGMB.

4 year old whiskey

The 4-year-old girl’s blood alcohol level was .680 when police officers arrived at the family’s home on Thursday morning.

Her blood alcohol level was more than eight times the legal limit for people aged over 21 to drive, which is .08.

Roxanne Record, 53, the grandmother, and Kadjah Record, 28, the mother, were charged with first degree murder, according to police. Booking documents for the individuals state that they both became angry after China took a sip from the bottle of Canadian Mist whiskey.

Roxanne said the bottle was “over half full” when she forced China to drink the rest of it on her knees while her mother, Kadjah, was present, according to the documents.

Police say that the mother “present and failed to stop” Roxanne “from providing the alcohol,” adding that the child was placed in a bathtub and was unresponsive.

Roxanne allegedly said “this went too far,” and she “ruined everyone’s lives,” after she was arrested, according to The Advocate newspaper.


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