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Being stuck in traffic is frustrating and stressful. I don’t know any single person who’ll say they enjoy that period.

Whether you’re driving or a passenger, traffic situations are unavoidable and reactions are almost always the same, frustration.

But, did you know that you can do a whole of lot positive stuff while stuck in traffic? These will not only make you a better person but will also take your mind away from all the frustration associated with traffic.

Below are things you can do while stuck in traffic.


1. Read A Book.

Whether a physical book or an ebook, this is the perfect opportunity to read it. Reading is a very good habit but we always dodge this all important practice with the excuse of time. However, since you’ll be spending time doing nothing but just sitting in a vehicle, use that time to do some reading.

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2. Make A To-Do List.

To-do lists are very important, they help us to get tasks done each day. With a to-do list, you’re able to outline what you want to do in a particular day. You can do this in the morning if you forgot to do it the night before or you can do this while stuck in traffic in the evening after close of day. You can also check your list for the day to see which tasks you were able to achieve and which ones are outstanding and then factor them in your to-do list for the next day.

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3. Practice saying your ABC’s backwards.

This is a fun brain exercise. This will take your mind away from the frustrations and distractions associated with the traffic and also keep your brain sharp.

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4. Say positive affirmations to yourself.

Positive affirmations motivate one but we take it for granted. In life, we are told that what you say to yourself is what you become. If you constantly tell yourself that you’re no good, you’re a failure etc. that is exactly what you’ll become. Therefore, while stuck in traffic, begin to say positive things to yourself. Affirmations like “I’m rich”, “I’m successful”, “I’ll make it” can go a long way to bring that positive and winning mentality into your life.


5. Text a family member you haven’t in a while.

Everyone is busy. Your family members get in touch and always complain that you don’t get in touch. Your excuse is that you’ve been busy. Why not use the time you’re stuck in traffic doing nothing to text a family member? If you’re not driving, you can make a call to them just to check up on them or to say hello.


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6. Do Kegels.

Kegel is an exercise that is used to strengthen the muscles below the bladder that help control urination. They also aid men sexually to prevent premature ejaculation. For women, it can be used to tighten vaginal muscles and strengthen pelvic floor muscles weaken due to childbirth. It’s not an exercise that is visible or noticeable so why not take advantage of the traffic situation to practice your kegels?


7. Break an addiction.

There are various addictions we all have and we can all attest to the fact that breaking an addiction is not easy. From drinking to cookies and candies, use your traffic situation to break that addiction. Traffic offers you time to do something else, so use that opportunity to do any of the above points to take away that urge and develop a new and better addiction.

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8. Make new friends.

You spend probably an hour in a vehicle and you alight without talking to anybody. Making friends broaden your scope and introduce you to something new or different. This is not to say that talk to anybody you meet in a vehicle but at least, you can start a conversation and that will take your mind away from all the frustration associated with your situation. Who knows, you may meet someone who’ll give you an awesome business opportunity.


9. Read your devotional.

This is for my religious folks, how many times do you read your devotional? Lately, we have people even sending them on WhatsApp but do we have the time to read them? Use your traffic time to read your devotional and get closer to your God.

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