These Two Beautiful Kenyan Sisters Are Making History In The UK

Patricia and Vanessa Kingori  have not only made history in England but the world as well after making remarkable strides in their careers.

Their achievements have earned them accolades from global leaders with the two receiving global media coverage for their outstanding accomplishments.

Patricia made history after she became the youngest black professor at Oxford University.

Kingori become the youngest at age 25, to receive a full professorship to Oxford. Dr. Kingori studied sociology with an emphasis on the issues that frontline health workers face.

“To have my body of work recognized in this way is a great honor, and I am deeply grateful to the many people who have inspired and supported me so far,” she said during an interview.

At the time, Patricia was celebrated for breaking a 925-year-old record of the presti

Patricia Kingori At A Workshop

gious university, which is also the world’s second oldest institution of higher learning.

For five years, Dr. Kingori was a research lecturer before being appointed associate professor. Kingori, a mother of two, was born in Kenya’s St Kitts area with a population of 52,000.

On the other end, Patricia’s sister, Vanessa Kingori, became a trendsetter when she became the first female publisher in British Vogue’s 102-year history.

Vanessa also doubled up as the first black woman to occupy the role of Publishing Director. In March 2015, she accepted the position of Publisher of British GQ across all platforms.

Vanessa Kariuki
in 2021, Vanessa was appointed as the Chief Business Officer(CBO) of the company’s England division. At the time of her promotion, the company stated that Vanessa had become a force to reckon with in the media industry.

“Kingori brings with her nearly 20 years experience in the media industry with a strong track record for digitalization, business transformation, and change management across multiple brands,” read the statement then.

Despite making the great career strides in the UK, the two sisters were born in Kenya to mother, Patricia Leader, a Caribbean international who got married in Kenya.

In a statement released by Kenyan ambassador to the UK, Manoah Esipisu, he stated that the two had put Kenya on the map.

“Partnerships are about People and we saw British-Kenyans continue excelling in various fields. Patricia Kingori was appointed Professor at Oxford, the youngest black woman to hold the post. Her sister, Vanessa Kingori, is the acclaimed first black publisher of British Vogue,” he stated.


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