These Food Vendors Were Caught Dipping Their Sore Hands Into Chicken Sauce

Two food vendors in Accra have been caught dipping their sored hands into a chicken sauce they will sell to the general public.

Joy News’ Nancy Emefa Dzradosi reported this via her Twitter handle. Though she did not add what punitive measures will be taken against the vendors, it is expected that the women will be fined or close down at worst.

The Multimedia Group has partnered with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to embark on the Joy Clean Ghana Campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to keep the environment clean after the increasing rise in sanitation problems in the country.

During the campaign, the Joy news team would follow AMA officials to undisclosed places in Accra, arrest and penalise offenders.

The joint campaign is also intended to assist the AMA to enforce sanitation bye-laws and raise awareness about the need to keep our environment clean.


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