The Easiest Way To Be Unemployed In Ghana Is To Complete University – UG Lecturer

Professor Godfred A. Bokpin of the University of Ghana Business School fame has postulated that the easiest way to end up being unemployed in Ghana is to attend University.

Professor Godfred A. Bokpin envisaged Ghanaian Graduates spend all their youthful years looking for non-existing jobs; something he sees as worrying for a developing country.

The Lecturer was reacting to claims by Ghan’s vice President Bawumi that the Akufo-Addo government has handled the country and its economy very well than NDC’s Mahama administration.

“The easiest way to become unemployed today is to go to the university. Because unemployment is high among university graduates between 22 to 29 years. They are spending their productive time/youth looking for jobs that do not exist even if they study employment in the university. These are the issues that I believe should engage our attention. We can do far better,” he stated in an interview on Accra-based Joy FM.

Professor Godfred A. Bokpin, therefore, urged the government to nip corruption in the bud because that is a major way life-changing policy can be implemented to ensure that opportunities are created for the youth in the country.


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