The Dean Of University of Health And Allied Science Accused Of Raping A Female Student

The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) Sexual Harassment Committee in Ho, Volta Region, has advised intensive psychotherapy for a female student who was reportedly raped by Dr. Kwabena Obeng Duedu, Dean of Students.

The recommendation is to assist her in regaining psychological well-being in an appropriate institution of her choice, with the Dean of Students bearing the cost.

After discovering Dr. Duedu’s involvement, the Committee recommended that he be fired as Dean of Students and barred from ever holding another managerial position at the university. Dr. Duedu, who a source close to the committee said was being groomed for the role of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, will sign a two-year bond of good behavior that will be monitored and, if repeated, will result in his removal from the university.

He must also send an apology letter to the female student as well as the university.

Investigations in-depth On Thursday, October 28, 2021, the female student (name withheld) traveled from Tema to the UHAS in Ho to obtain reference letters in order to complete the requirements to apply for a postgraduate degree program, according to the Chronicle.

uhas dean rape

She met Dr. Duedu, who accorded her the appropriate courtesy before taking her phone number for further conversation.

He called the 22-year-old young lady later that evening to inquire about her location, only for the student to tell him that she was returning to Tema but was having trouble finding a vehicle at the State Transport Company (STC) yard.

Nonetheless, the young lady’s mother had left her with sufficient funds to allow her to spend. Should she finish her business with the university and find that it is too late to travel the 140 kilometers back to Tema, she will spend the night in a guest home.

As a result, she notified Dr. Duedu of her plans to stay at a guest home. Dr. Duedu, on the other hand, requested that the young lady waiting for him at the Ho transport yard. Dr. Duedu arrived at the yard in a few minutes, picked up the young girl, and drove her to a guest home in town. The naïve young lady realized at the reception that Dr. Duedu had previously booked a room in his name.

Since she was paying, the lady was not satisfied, so she removed Dr. Duedu’s name and replaced it with her own. The university professor followed the lady to her room for unknown reasons and allegedly had sexual intercourse with her without her consent when she was in her menses.

Back in Tema, the bewildered woman refused to tell her mother and hid her anguish, even though her recommendation papers suggested that she was an average student.


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