Teenage Girls In Kakamega Forced To Engage In Sex For Money To Buy Sanitary Pads

Many teenage girls from poverty-stricken areas of Kakamega County have been forced to venture into sex at an early age in exchange for money to buy sanitary pads.

This is according to a spot-check conducted by a non-governmental organization in Butere sub-county dubbed Mayoni Women Community Forum. The organization cited the closure of Mumias sugar factory as the reason rendering many parents jobless hence causing difficulty for them to support their families.

Kakamega Teens

According to Metrine Mapesa, the NGO’s chairperson, school-goers are the most affected as most end up being pregnant while trying to look for money to cater for their needs.

“Most of these girls are young and easily persuaded, most feel shy to use condoms to protect themselves from being impregnated or getting sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, when impregnated she will be ashamed to go back to school,” she said.

The report also noted a decrease in the number of female students graduating from high school compared to those who enrolled in primary school in the area.

“Due to lack of money, they opt to stay at home while on periods, some missing classes for up to 5 times every month,” said Asha Mukoye.

Their call is now for the national and county governments to intervene and come up with ways that will enable these girls to attend their classes, making them to fully focus on their education besides indulging into other commercial practices.

“It would be good if the government devised other methods even if it is starting a campaign to distribute sanitary pads to girls if it is the re-usable ones,” said Betty Kuya, deputy principal at Township Primary School.

Source: Citizen

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