Meet 36-Year-Old Teacher Who Swims To School To Teach In Northern Region

In the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region lives Kwame Mensah, a 36-year-old headteacher of Lonpe MA Primary School.

He is no ordinary teacher as he swims through the water with clothes in a bag just to reach the school.

He feels it’s his daily routine and does it every day to get to his work.

teacher swim to teach ghana

Kwame Mensah who lives on the other side of the river bank uses this route as it takes just some time for him to reach the school.

This is what it takes Mensah to get to school since he completed college in 2009 to get to the rural schools.

He does this to bring a sense of awareness to the children about the importance of education.

He said

“Teaching in rural communities is not an easy task especially as I have to swim across this river every day to get to my school. My family is very worried.”

“The pupils are at a huge disadvantage because I have to teach all the classes from Basic one to six and this is stressful,” Mensah stated.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by his organization revealed more than 42,000 teachers left the profession in 2021.

Data from Social Education Research indicated that at least 10,000 teachers leave the classroom, especially in rural areas every year to seek other job opportunities.


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