Tanasha Donna Reveals Plan To Relocate From Kenya Permanently

Kenyan model, singer and entrepreneur Tanasha Donna has shared her plan to relocate from Kenya permanently.

The musician said that she does not like the current state of the country and she plans on getting her family out for good.

Tanasha Donna

She cited various reasons that led her to make this decision. In her Instagram stories, Tanasha revealed that she believes Kenya is currently in a total mess, and she affirmed that what she said was the truth.

“Total mess rn** cause we do progress in various other ways but it’s like since 2023 every day something absurd happening. Kenya Wagwan? I ain’t gonna lie, this country is a total mess. I am just trying to take my family and baggage and leave for good.”

The musician did not share details of where she is planning to relocate to.

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