This Taiwanese Teacher Offer Maths Lessons On PornHub And Earns Over $250,000 Per Year

What do you go to PornHub for? Of all the possibilities and answers, learning Maths is surely not the one.

But there’s a teacher who is teaching Maths on the platform and has thousands of subscribers. Chang Hsu is a Taiwanese Maths teacher and has a verified PornHub account by the name ‘changhsumath666’.

math teacher porn hub

Chang Hsu has a masters degree in Mathematics and has been teaching school kids for over 15 years.
He did not start directly from Pornhub. He started from YouTube and then later realised that PornHub had no videos with math lessons and hence decided to switch platforms.

The 34-year-old teacher spoke to Mel Magazine about why he started posting Maths videos on PornHub.

Since very few people teach math on adult video platforms, and since there are so many people who watch videos on them, I thought that if I uploaded my videos there, a lot of people would see them.

Not just PornHub, Chang Hsu even tried to post such videos on other adult websites like XVideos and XNXX, but those platforms restricted him as they found that the content was not relevant.

By now he knows that people do not come to his videos to learn Maths, but to make fun and laugh. But he is still doing it, because:

People may not be interested in my videos, but they’ll all know there’s a teacher who teaches calculus on an adult video platform.

He is already viral on the internet and people are talking about his Maths lessons on PornHub across social media platforms.


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