Suspect Whose Phone Was Found At Ruth Eshun’s Murder Scene Denied Bail

One of the two suspects in connection to the murder of Ruth Eshun, the community health nurse who was allegedly murdered in Kumasi has been denied bail.

The suspect according to his lawyer was arrested when he went over to the police station earlier this month to inquire about his missing phone and has been in Police custody since.

The phone was allegedly found at the crime scene.

The Police then secured a court order to search the phone and the suspect’s residence to find any incriminating evidense which proved futile however he still remains in their custody.

The lawyer argued that a real suspect in connection to such a crime would not just show up at a police station.

The lifeless body of the deceased was found at Ayuom near Sewua in the Bosomtwe District, a few meters to her home last week.

Ms. Eshun was last seen by her colleagues, on Monday, February 3rd, 2020, after leaving the Sewua Health Centre, where she worked as a registered community health nurse.

Various interest groups have so far been demanding justice for the nurse with the Police picking up one person in connection with the suspected murder.

Ms. Eshun has been laid to rest. She was survived by a husband and three children.

Portions of this text were culled from citinewsroom.


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