‘Suspect Arrested For Allowing Minor To Drive Stole My Identity’ – Man Claims

Fresh details about the man who was arrested for allowing a 9-year-old child to drive along the Nairobi Mombasa highway in the Athi River area have emerged.

This comes after a man claiming to be the real Walter Musimi reportedly told the police that the suspect who was cooling his heels in police custody had stolen his driver’s license and impersonated him.

In the fresh twist of events, the real Musimi told the police that he learnt that his identity had been used by the suspect through social media.

Minor Arrested Driving

The discovery propelled him to report the matter to the police.

Upon confirmation of the allegations, police who spoke to a local publication stated that the suspect will face more criminal charges.

“The suspect will be arraigned at Mavoko Law Courts on Thursday to face the first charges of unlawfully allowing a minor to drive a vehicle against the law as investigations into the impersonation and theft claims continue,” Athi River South sub-county police commander Mary Njoki told the publication.

In the Wednesday incident, drama ensued after the said minor engaged Police in a speed chase to avert being arrested.

The minor in full school uniform was driving a saloon car with his father sitting on the left seat. He sped off when they were flagged down by traffic police officers.

The minor managed to speed to his school located within Athi River town where police chasing him caught up with him.
To the shock of the officers, there was a pupil passenger in full school uniform who happened to be a sister to the minor.

The two minors along with their father identified as Walter Musyimi, 40, were taken to Athi River police station for interrogation before the minors were taken back to school using the police vehicle.

Musyimi, who is being detained at Athi River police station, maintained that his son is a fast driver and has two years of experience driving on Mombasa road.

Athi River sub-county police commander Njoki condemned the incident saying it is a high level of traffic indiscipline that endangers other road users.

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