Video: Suspect Arraigned In Court Collapses Moments Before Hearing

On Thursday, August 6, a suspect who had been arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts collapsed moments before the hearing of his case.

In a clip that has surfaced online, the suspect is seen lying outside the court.

It is reported that the presiding magistrate ordered that the patient be rushed to hospital ASAP.

The police who are geared in face masks and hand gloves then come along and carry him into a nearby police car before heading to the hospital.

The suspects name was concealed as well as the nature of his condition.

Of late, people have been collapsing in public spaces and some even dying in the process.

Whereas a section of people have been linking the surging collapsing cases to Coronavirus, health officials have maintained that it may not always be the case since people have been collapsing even before the outbreak of the virus.

On Tuesday, July 7, a video made rounds on social media showing a man who dropped dead after driving himself to a local health facility.

The video showed medics dressed in hazmat suits putting the man’s body in a body bag.

According to eyewitnesses from Juja, the man had driven himself in a car and collapsed after experiencing breathing problems.

Here is the video of the suspect who collapsed before hearing:


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