Stop Using Tamedol – Pharmacy and Poisons Board Warns Kenyans Against Popular Painkiller

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board has recalled certain batches of a popular painkiller over alleged quality concerns.

The PPB in a statement on Wednesday called on members of the public to return specified batches of paracetamol oral solution sold under the brand name Tamedol for failing to meet market requirements.

PPB CEO Fred Siyoi said the authority had received multiple market complaints on the quality of several batches of the Tamedol oral solution 120mg/5ml, 60mls manufactured by Biopharma Ltd.

Tamedol is widely used for headaches, colds and influenza, backache, period pain, pain of osteoarthritis, muscle pain, toothache, and rheumatic pain.


Siyoi said that upon receiving the complaints, the PPB undertook investigations into the issues raised by the public.

“PPB upon investigations indeed confirmed that the product failed to meet the prescribed market authorization requirements and has initiated the mandatory recall of the product by the manufacturer in line with section 3A(i) of the Pharmacy and Poisons Act (Cap.244),” Siyoi said.

“In light of the above findings, the PPB advises all pharmaceutical outlets, healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, and members of the public to take immediate action.”

Those with the specified batch will be required to quarantine the product or return it to the specified points.

By quarantine, it means they either stop further distribution, sale issues, or use of Tamedol oral solution.

“The public are urged to return the product to their nearest healthcare facility while healthcare facilities are instructed to return the products to their respective suppliers.”

PPB has called on the public to remain vigilant at all times and promptly report any suspected cases of substandard medicines or adverse drug reactions to the nearest healthcare facility of the PPB

He said the authority has put in place robust measures to guarantee that medicines supplied to the Kenyan market adhere to the requisite standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

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