You Are Mad – Stonebwoy Hits Back At Kevin Taylor For Threatening His Wife & Kids (Video)

Stonebwoy, President of Bhim Nation and Dancehall King, has finally reacted to Kevin Taylor’s comment in which he wished his family and daughter were dead.
This all started when Stonebwoy responded in a tweet to an NDC footsoldier who thought the dancehall artist was not vocal enough about the #FixTheCountry movement.

In his tweet, Stonebwoy said that we are all struggling, both directly and indirectly, and that if there is a crisis, Ghanaians prefer to politicize it.

In saying this, Kelvin Taylor, on his famous social media show “With All Due Respect,” took a shot at Stonebwoy, wishing death on the “Activate” hitmaker’s wife and daughter.

BHIM tweet

Stonebwoy referred to Kevin Taylor’s comment in an interview with Andy Dosty today.

Kevin Taylor’s comments about Stonebwoy’s family, according to Stonebwoy, wounded him deeply.

He said that if it had been an assault on him, it would be fine, but bringing in his family and daughter was excessive.

Stonebwoy said that the assertion caused Kevin Taylor to exhibit the traits of a lunatic.

Kevin Taylor’s cup will be loaded one day, according to the “Activate” hitmaker, and he will be caught.


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