South African Woman Who Gave Birth To 10 Babies Is Allegedly A Mpango Wa Kando

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Just when South Africans were getting used to the news that a local woman gave birth to 10 babies at once, they have been hit with another shocking piece of news – the woman who gave birth to the decuplets, Gosiame Thamara Sithole, is the mistress of the man we thought was her husband.

According to various South African publications, Teboho Tsotsetsi, the father of the decuplets, is married to another woman and had the 10 babies with his mistress Gosiame.

According to another source, Tsotsetsi had mistreated Gosiame during her pregnancy and in fact had not been happy to hear the news that she was expecting multiple children.


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Tsotsetsi’s wife Sibongile Gxekwa said in a News24 article that he had ordered her not to speak out about her anguish after the #Tembisa10 went viral in Mzansi.

“He ordered me not to speak,” she said in an exclusive News24 piece.

The Citizen also reports that Tsotsetsi allegedly changed his feelings towards the unwanted pregnancy when people all across Mzansi started offering to send in donations and gifts for the Tembisa 10.

After the story of the miracle birth hit headlines all across Mzansi, Gosiame’s family were apparently not happy – that is according to another article.

The publication alleges that her family shunned her for getting pregnant again out of wedlock and all expressed concerns for what all of this would do to the young mother’s mental health.


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