So, Tomato Farmers In Tuobodom Are Cashing In Since Ghana Closed Its Borders

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A report sighted on Citi Business News has it that local tomato farmers at Tuobodom have seen an increase in sales since the closure of borders.

As a means to curb the spread of coronavirus in Ghana, President Akufo-Addo ordered for the closure of the country’s borders until further notice.

Previously, tomato sellers used to travel to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso to buy the produce.

According to the report, tomato farmers in Tuobodom are now happy about the situation, as a box of tomatoes which used to be sold at 20 cedis at the beginning of 2020, is now going for 700 cedis.

Clement Yeboah, a tomato farmer told Citi Business News in an interview that, “they are now buying the tomatoes and market is good. We are calling on government to put in measures that would ensure that they buy from here than going to Burkina Faso.”

Tricycle riders who cart tomatoes from the farms to town are also delighted about the improved sales. Sadick Adams, one of the riders, said, “Previously things were not going well, but now things are okay. My father bought the tricycle for me. Within a day, I am able to make between GHC100 and GHC200.”

Should government keep the borders closed?

Read the full report on Citi Business News.


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