So, A Drunk College Student Got Suck In Washing Machine After A Night Of Drinking

A team of firefighters didn’t leave this college student out to dry.

A 21-year-old attending the University of Hull in England recently had to be rescued by authorities after she got stuck inside a dryer following a night of drinking wine and tequila, her college’s newspaper, Hull Live, reported.

The problem, apparently, was that it wasn’t as easy to get out.

Drunk College Student Got Suck in dryer

After her roommates were unable to free Cole from the appliance, they called emergency officials to the home, where six people live, at around 11 p.m.

“I was with my other housemates, and one of them dared me to get in it,” Rosie Cole told the newspaper.

“Me thinking there was no chance I’d actually fit, decided to try it and to my surprise it seemed easier than I thought.”

“My arms were starting to hurt trying to hold myself up, and it was pretty hot inside the dryer,” Cole recalled.

Three firefighters ultimately managed to free the college student from the dryer, according to Hull Live. One of Cole’s roommates filmed her being rescued.

Cole said the firefighters remained in good spirits about the strange incident and joked around with the roommates about the situation once she was saved.


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