This Ghanaian Worker Who Takes Care Of Snakes In Malaysia Dies After Snake Bite While On The Job

A Ghanaian worker, Andrews Appiah, who takes care of different types of snakes has died of a snake bite.

The deceased reports stated works for a Chinese company in Malaysia and were bitten to death whiles working as a snake caretaker.

President of the Ghana Association in Malaysia, Samuel Adu, has revealed to SVTV Africa that “Initially, he told us the snake bit Andrews in the afternoon, but he recovered at the hospital and brought him home.

snake worker dies

Then he fell unconscious and was sent him back to the hospital. When he was questioned later, he said it happened at midnight. Later, he told us he died at the hospital.”

He stated that the case was reported to the Ghanaian Embassy in Malaysia, where the employer admitted his fault and offered $4500 as compensation but it was rejected.

He said:

“He admitted that he should have had an antidote for such cases or made sure his snakes were not poisonous. The Embassy refused the compensation, and he has refused to come for the meeting” adding that the Chinese-Malaysian might be hiding some facts from the Embassy.

Samuel Adu indicated that the employer has refused to give the deceased’ phone back to the Embassy.

The case will be heard in court on Monday, May 16, 2022, he noted.

Watch the video below:


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