Sister Of Killer Pastor’s Wife Narrates Story, Says Pastor Ofori Was An Occultist (Video)

The sister of the deceased wife of pastor Sylvester Ofori has broken the silence on the actual reason for Pastor Ofori’s gruesome act.

According to Sophia Tommey, pastor Ofori planned to kill his wife, Barbara Tommey after she filed for a divorce. She further explained that, pastor Ofori denounced God and joined an occult group.

He later convinced his deceased wife to also join which she blatantly refused. Barbara then decided to call it quits with her husband and left home. Sophia indicated that her sister had left home for almost three months and only came back home to fetch some documents and her husband nearly choked her to death.

It was only for the timely intervention of their brother that she was saved. Reacting to the pastor’s death threat, the distraught sister said he saw that as a last resort since he will lose everything if the divorce process is complete.

Barbara was the breadwinner of the family and owned all the properties; Sylvester was just a pastor so the thought of losing everything pushed him to kill my sister” she cried.

Sophia said the family could not do much to help the situation since her late sister was very secretive.


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