Silas Nyanchwani: Kenyan Writer Says only Women From Poor, Middle Class Background Set High Standards for Men

Kenyan author Silas Nyanchwani has started an argument that left social media users with mixed reactions.

The 50 Memos author narrated how he went out on a date with a lady from a wealthy home and realised that she was so down to earth and had no demands.

Via his Facebook page, the prolific writer argued that it’s women from poor and middle-class backgrounds who are fond of setting unrealistic standards for men.

“Rich kids and people generally don’t suffer from silly standards. Going on a date with a rich man’s child who is well raised is the most affordable thing anywhere in the world. In fact, you come across as authentic when you keep it real,” he wrote.

Silas nyanchwani

He further stated that anytime a man finds a woman who sets these high standards of where she wants to be taken on a date or the kinds of meals or drinks she wants to partake then she might be coming from a struggling background.

One of the worst things about growing old as a man is realising that most of these girls have no standards at all. It is your simping that reminds her to have standards,” he added

His argument left social media users with mixed reactions, with men agreeing with his sentiments.

Source: Tuko

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