Si Mwanamke: Lady Discovers Her Housegirl Is Actually A Man After 3 Months Of Work

A lady in Nigeria has narrated her experience online after discovering the person she hired to work as a housegirl was actually a man.

She posted a video showing the man who disguised himself as a girl for three months while working for her as a househelp.

In the clip, the houseboy could be seen seated on the floor with only a bra and a lady’s jeans trousers.

He had a wig on his head too. The deceptive househelp was eventually put in a vehicle and is believed to have been taken to the police station.

One can only wonder how the houseboy stayed for three months without his cover being blown and what mistake he made that eventually gave him away.


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Social media users had mixed reactions with some saying that he was only doing what he could do to put food on the table.

@bonny_noni said:

“At least he wasn’t stealing or trying to do some stupid ritual, the guy needed some money and this isn’t funny.”

@laureldoll_ commented:

“The person might be in dire need of work to survive and maybe all the work he’s been seeing is for female. But he didn’t do anything wrong aside from that. Some people do anything for the gram. They might have beaten the hell out of him like that.”

@zayne_ryker added:

“But if he has to disguise to get a job as a maid, I mean if he didn’t intend to harm you, for three months with you he didn’t harm you or made attempts to, common men that embarrassment is not necessary.”

@absolut_shuga said:

“There are just two ways to this, either he needed work and took the opportunity, with the condition he had to pretend to be a girl or he had ulterior motives.”

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