Showmax Introduces The First Original Telenovela In Kenya

Showmax which is an African streaming service, will launch its first ever original telenovela in Kenya dubbed Second Family on 22nd March.

So set your reminders as new episodes will be released every Wednesday and Thursday.

Second Family revolves around the dysfunctional lives of the Gatehi-Lang’at families.

When Leo Lang’at, a 57-year-old billionaire, suddenly passes away, his secrets are revealed, thereby putting two families against each other.

Sinde, who is the daughter of Leo’s mistress, has a face-off against Evangelina, Leo’s first wife, in the battle for his wealth and power.

A lot is unraveled within them as they fight for control over Leo’s legacy, the maize empire he founded.

The telenovela will feature stars like Ian Mbugua, Nick Ndeda, John Sibi-Okumu, Eve Jackson, Mary Mwikali and many more.

Second Family is directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff with Likarion Wainaina from Supa Modo and Edwin Kamau from Crime and Justice, who will be co-directing.

“What drew me to Second Family was partly the taboo of a man leaving two families that have no clue about each other, but even more so the journey of the protagonist, Sinde,” stated Adam.

The decision to invest in its first original telenovela by Showmax was driven by the success of the genre on MultiChoice linear channels- Maisha Magic Plus and Maisha Magic East such as Kina and Selina.

During its tenure, Selina was so popular that it was voted the top 10 most watched show of the year on Showmax for four years in a row in Kenya.

Let’s wait and see what this one has in store for us. I am sure Kenyans will be glued to the screen as the storyline looks intriguing!

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