Shocking: US Citizens Captured Panic Buying Fuel In Gallons As Fuel Shortage Hits The Nation

According to current information collected by our organization, the United States is already experiencing a gasoline crisis, and people are currently panic purchasing. The gasoline scarcity is the result of some hackers shutting down the largest fuel pipeline in the United States.

On Tuesday, May 11, several gas stations from Florida to Virginia went dry, and prices at the pump rose when the shutdown of the largest U.S. gasoline pipeline by hackers entered its fifth day, causing panic purchasing by drivers.

Some US residents were seen purchasing fuel in plastic packs and barrels. Likewise, there were long lines at corner stores in the US. Ashish Desai, a representative at BP station in Charlotte, North Carolina, said Tuesday was a disaster.

He said that a couple of pumps were shut down about 2 p.m., but in the long term, they were mostly shut down, and it was unknown when the next gasoline would be delivered.

The images below were posted on Twitter by people who purchased petrol in plastic bags.


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