Sharon Otieno Demanded A Ksh.20M House, To Be Recognised As Obado’s Wife – Witness

The late Sharon Otieno demanded to be recognised as the wife of former Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s and insisted on living the standards of Governor’s wife.

During a hearing on Tuesday, a witness told the court that Sharon demanded a rental house of between Ksh.20 – 25 million, to be situated either in Nairobi or Kisumu. She also demanded a good car as the Governor’s wife and an upkeep of Ksh.5 million monthly.

For her prenatal care Sharon Otieno demanded  Ksh.200,000, saying that she must be attended at Nairobi as her status had changed .

former Migori Governor Okoth Obado and the late Sharon Otieno
former Migori Governor Okoth Obado and the late Sharon Otieno

‘I tried to convince her to go to a hospital in the County but she said she can’t go to a cheap hospital .She told me (Mheshimiwa, remember I’m governor’s wife and I’m carrying the governor’s child)” court was told. 

The witness, Lawrence Mule – a former MCA – was like a mediator between Sharon and Obado.

Mule testified that the former Migori boss did not deny having a relationship with Sharon, adding that Obado only complained of the high lifestyle the deceased was demanding from him.

Mule said that the governor gave Sharon a deal of building her a house worth Ksh.3-4 million and to furnish the house. A deal that Sharon agreed to.

“We agreed that we look for a land costing about 800,000 so that the governor buys the plot and build her the house,” Mule testified 

 This was to be done in August 2018.

Mule said that there’s a time they met Oyamo together with Sharon where she was given the 200,000 shillings for her prenatal care and after some time she asked him to keep off the matter.

However, after meeting Obado’s PA  Michael Oyamo, Sharon insisted that Mule should keep off her matters. 

“She told me she was going to meet Oyamo in Rongo to get some money for her upkeep, I told her it’s Okay.”

The witness was able to identify Oyamo who was in court but couldn’t remember the person Oyamo used to walk with when meeting.

Sharon’s Mom was to testify today but the prosecution said she was unable to. 

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