Sarkodie’s Wife Says Her Family Didn’t Understand Why A Graduate Like Her Dated A Rapper

Wife of award-winning rapper Sarkodie, Tracy has revealed that there was pressure from her side of the family not to be with someone like Sarkodie.

According to her, her family did not understand why a university-educated lady like her would want to spend the rest of her life with a rapper.

Tracy revealed this during a Q and A session with fans today on Twitter:

“Hello queen T…did you ever face any challenges in your relationship from your family? Like y3mp3 daakye 3b3y3 yie Bia ooo,” a fan asked.

She replied saying:

“Yes paaaa!!! My family didn’t understand why a “University girl” like me would date a rapper. And there was the perception that rappers are womanisers.”

Tracy, however, stated that she stood her ground and stayed in the relationship because it was what she wanted.

“But I had to stand my ground. I was the one in the relationship not them so wasn’t going to let them choose for me.”

Sarkodie and Tracy’s love story continues to be one that fans look up to. After going through hard times together and staying together through it all, the two are finally smiling with all the “Sarkcess” they have been able to achieve.

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