This is Caroline Ansah.


A 39-year-old first-generation Ghanaian-American who just introduced our local sponge popularly known as “Sapor” to her foreign friends who never knew it is something we’ve been using since the 1400’s.

She is now building a business on something we’ve been using our entire life and we are so happy for her.


She calls it the “Luv Scrub” and our foreign friends can’t seem to have enough of it.

Brothers and sisters, sapor oh! Sapor!! she’s now making money out of it. Anyway, we are really happy about it because she’s really enlightening the world and this is what she has to say during an interview with Yahoo Beauty;

“It is a staple in every Ghanaian household. That is what you use and all you know growing up.”

“My friends would ask me, ‘What is that hanging in your shower?’ I always thought it was weird that they did not know what it was. I also thought it was extremely weird that people felt satisfied with the other tools or hands.”

This is how the product looks like out of its package.

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Now the product is going viral and our foreign friends are going crazy over it. Take a look at some of the pictures of how people are happy with the product.

Today is all about sharing the LUV. So here you go 💋 #HVD

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This gentleman felt like he just discovered oil, he’s so happy with the product. FYI that’s Sapor.

I love my #luvscrub. #meshing #scrubbing #exfoliate #clean #loveyourbody Thank you @luvscrub

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Some swag with his new discovery.

#luvscrub how you want it.

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This woman looks impressed, had to share it on Instagram.

Love my @luvscrub! No dry, flaky winter skin for me. #luvscrub #exfoliation #skincare #softskin #firstdayofwinter

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This user whose life depends on it.

Power to the SCRUB. Courtesy of @thegoodglow

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Now we are all going to have the same bathroom decorations…hehehehehehehehe!!!


And this…

The perfect marriage. Just add water and you are good to go. #scrubyourselfsexy

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