Liverpool Star Sadio Mane Donates £41,000 To Fight Coronavirus In Senegal

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you, Sadio Mane.

Not only is the Liverpool star one of the best players in world football but he’s also, potentially, the nicest man in the sport.

This week, he gave his native country Senegal £41,000 in their fight against coronavirus.

But it’s far from the first incredible gesture has made in recent years.

In fact, we think Mane may well be the nicest and most humble guy in football. Don’t believe us? Well, check out these 10 examples of him being an absolute legend.

£41,000 coronavirus donation

Mane has donated £41,000 to help aid the fight against coronavirus in Senegal. The former Southampton winger “decided to make the donation spontaneously when he saw the evolution of the situation.”

He also sent a video message to his Senegalese compatriots telling them to take the virus seriously, urging them to disinfect their hands and to stay safe.

(H/T GiveMeSport)


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