Robbers Steal Sh1.1m, Laptops, Mobile Phones And Gold Jewellery From CS Aisha Jumwa’s Loresho Home

Three suspected robbers on Thursday raided the home of Public Service Cabinet Secretary (CS) Aisha Jumwa in Loresho, Nairobi and made away with Sh1.1 million in cash, gold jewelry, two laptops and three mobile phones.

Police say the robbery took place on February 16 at 1:45am, when the CS was away on official duties.

“The gang of three men, armed with crude weapons, entered the compound by cutting the electric perimeter wall and gained access to the main house through the backdoor, which was not locked,” a police report filed at the Spring Valley Police Station under the OB Number 03/02/2023 said.

Aisha Jumwa

The suspects later proceeded to the master bedroom where they ransacked and stole gold jewellery and two laptops.

They, thereafter, went to the children’s bedroom, where they found the minister’s two daughters sleeping.

Police say the suspects woke up the minors and, thereafter, stole Sh1.1 million in cash from their room.

The suspected robbers also made away with three mobile phones and jewellery whose value wasn’t immediately established.

One of the CS’s daughters was slightly injured in the right knee during the incident, police said.

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