Ringtone Apoko Supports Pastor Paul Mackenzie, ” Am Sure Wameenda Mbinguni.”

Kenyan Gospel Musician Ringtone Apoko has given his opinion on Shakahola Massacre where hundreds of Kenyans starved themselves to death with the aim of seeing Jesus, according to instructions given by the leader, pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Ringtone said that he fully supports pastor Paul Mackenzie since he was able to help the believers take their faith to the next level.

Ringtone said that people should not be quick to judge Mackenzie since they are so concerned about the worldly possessions and are not ready to give their all and follow God.


According to Ringtone, the people who fasted like Mackenzie asked them to, had so much faith and he said he believes they all went to heaven.

The musician said that Kenyans are angry that people gave their lands and others left their careers but all those are not important. 

As of Wednesday, the bodies of five children were exhumed from Shakahola village raising the death toll of the cult to 95.

The total number of those rescued while starving at the ranch stands at 34 while the Kenya Red Cross Society’s latest figure of people reported missing is 213.

Makenzi, who heads the Good News International Church, is said to have instructed his followers to fast to death in order to meet Jesus before burying them in shallow graves spread across his 800-acre land in Shakahola, Kilifi County.

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