Rigathress it is! Kenyans on Twitter nickname DP Gachagua’s wife

Kenyans on Twitter are never defeated, you wake up one day and find yourself the topic of discussion in a good or bad light.

On Wednesday, KOT graced the Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi with a new nickname ‘Rigathress’

The new moniker is a combination of the name Rigathi and the prefix ‘ress.’

Dorcas Gachagua
Dorcas Gachagua

Briph a Twitter user said Kenyans don’t care when it comes to nicknaming popular figures in the country.

“Kenyans are on autopilot and they don’t care where they will land now. Naming the second lady Rigathress,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Samoei said the name Rigathress sounds sweet and sexy.

On March 2, Pastor Dorcas as she is popularly known noted that she is yet to find a nickname.

“Nowadays my husband is called Riggy G, I am still waiting for my name,” she said.

She was speaking at the University of Nairobi while attending a boychild’s event.

DP Rigathi embraced the nickname given to him by Ivy Chelimo in a social media post.

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