Revealed: Papa Shirandula Died At The Parking Lot Of Karen Hospital

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Fresh details on the death of celebrated actor Charles Bukeko popularly known as Papa Shirandula reveal he died at the parking lot of Karen hospital even before he could be admitted.

Shirandula, 58, tested positive for coronavirus on Monday and was allowed to battle the virus from home since, in the opinion of doctors, he did not have any serious symptoms.

However, on Saturday morning, he developed chest pains accompanied by difficulty in breathing.

He was rushed to Karen Hospital but died at the parking lot before he could even be admitted.

“It is sad he didn’t make it out of the hospital alive. He had tested positive for Covid-19. We are devastated,”

His brother-In-law Charles Wanyama told Nation.

The family rued their failure to consider the fact that his condition would deteriorate that fast, saying he should have stayed in hospital for closer monitoring the moment he was found to have the virus.

Mr. Wanyama also revealed that Bukeko had been out of Nairobi for two weeks before returning on Sunday.



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