Rev. Opuni Frimpong Warn Politicians “Don’t Force Your Vaccines On Any Ghanaian”

According to him, many citizens still do not believe the fact that COVID-19 is real due to how political leaders go about with the protocols when they attend rallies and other political activities.

“Our political leaders must show a good example because there are people who don’t believe that COVID is real because of some of the things they have seen from our leaders when they attend political party activities and funerals. Let’s give them a good example. Ghanaians must take the vaccine willingly not being forced,” Rev Opuni Frimpong said in an interview with JoyNews monitored by

To check and minimize the importation of the new variant Omicron virus into the country, the Government of Ghana has issued a mandatory vaccination for travellers at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

It also said people who do not get vaccinated would not be allowed to access public facilities or attend some events, especially during this festive season.

The Ghana Health Service has also said that most of the new COVID 19 cases (Omicron) are imported ones.

However, speaking to the issues in his interview, Rev. Opuni Frimpong reprimanded politicians saying they have not set a good example for the public to follow.

“I must say that our political leaders have not given us a good example in terms of public activities”. Rev. Opuni Frimpong said.

“The things they have said, again and again, they have not practised them especially when they are attending their political party member’s funeral. They don’t relate with the kind of admonishing we have heard again and again and it is very worrying. Going forward if our political leaders will demonstrate best examples of the things they are telling us, we will be encouraged to do more”, he adds.

The man of God again noted that the approach to mandatory vaccination is very unfortunate adding that, health workers are not supposed to force people to get vaccinated rather better engagement and education can do the magic.


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