Rev. Obofour Says He Will Open 1000 Churches And Win 1 Million Souls For God In 2022

Rev. Emmanuel Kwaku Obofour, Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, has made public major plans he has for his church and the country in the year 2022.

Rev. Obofour is one of the many famous Ghanaian preachers. Just like his cohorts, he has been accused by some Ghanaians of using the church as a business entity but the man of God has never been bothered by such comments.

Obofour Tupac

He spends lavishly and gives generously, making him a favourite among Ghanaian preachers.

In a recent live broadcast hosted on Facebook, Rev. Obofour disclosed that he has set plans to expand his church from 378 branches to 1000 Nationwide.

The man of God stated that this and other major tasks is what he has planned for his church and his ministry in Ghana this year.

He added that the purpose of expanding his church is to win one million souls into the kingdom of God in 2022.

“Currently, I have about 378 churches but this year, I’m expanding the branches to 1,000. Don’t joke with me. We’re going to win 1 million souls this year. People will doubt what I’m saying now because, in Ghana, we hate to see ourselves grow.

“The problem with Ghanaians is that we love, accept foreign things and detest things that are locally made here,” he said in his Facebook live video.


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